How Can Drones Be a Part of Successful Disaster Response Operations for Public Safety Departments?

February 18, 2019 by Jeremiah Karpowicz Panama City, FL – Lorean “Ty” Rozier, an FAA-certified remote pilot from the Airborne International Response Team (AIRT) surveys damage from the impact of Hurricane Michael. The UAS Drones Disaster Conferences are designed to bring together government, industry, and academia for two days of learning and live drone flight demonstrations. Taking […]

Qualcomm brightens 5G future with modem, antenna module news

FEBRUARY 20, 2019 by Nancy Cohen, Tech Xplore Good timing. Just ahead of Mobile World Congress (Feb. 25 to Feb. 28), Qualcomm on Tuesday announced its next-gen 5G modem and a new mmwave antenna module. They said the modem “extends the company’s 5G and 4G leadership with comprehensive modem-to-antenna solution. “This next-gen modem is dubbed […]

Renewable energy generation with kites and drones

February 20, 2019, Carlos III University of Madrid Airborne Wind Energy Systems (AWES) are a new kind of technology to harvest wind energy. The expensive and heavy tower and rotor of a conventional wind turbine are replaced by a light tether and an aircraft (flexible giant kites or large drones), respectively. In the so-called ground […]

What exactly is a black hole?

February 14, 2019, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich What is a black hole? In an article that has just appeared in the journal Nature Astronomy, LMU philosopher Erik Curiel shows that physicists use different definitions of the concept, depending on their own particular fields of interest. A black hole is conventionally thought of as an astronomical […]

Explainer: What Is a Quantum Computer?

By Martin Giles, MIT Technology Review on Jan 31, 2019,How it works, why it’s so powerful, and where it’s likely to be most useful first A quantum computer harnesses some of the almost-mystical phenomena of quantum mechanics to deliver huge leaps forward in processing power. Quantum machines promise to outstrip even the most capable of […]

Engineers develop room temperature, two-dimensional platform for quantum technology

February 11, 2019, University of Pennsylvania Quantum computers promise to be a revolutionary technology because their elementary building blocks, qubits, can hold more information than the binary, 0-or-1 bits of classical computers. But to harness this capability, hardware must be developed that can access, measure and manipulate individual quantum states. Researchers at the University of […]

(Almost) everything you ever wanted to know about quantum computers

By Ashwani Kumar on Feb 8From Schrodinger’s Cat to finding a needle in a haystack Source: Wikimedia Commons With the recent announcement of IBM Q System One — the first fully-integrated commercial quantum computer — by IBM at CES 2019, quantum computing is soon to enter mainstream computing. Housed in a nine-foot-tall, nine-foot-wide case of half-inch thick glass, it will still take […]

Quantum computing: collaboration with the multiverse?

Feb. 04, 2019 by Tim Hinchliffe Quantum computing is now evolving as the hottest technology of 2019, but concepts behind this tech go back millennia, including those of parallel universes within a single multiverse. “Quantum computation […] will be the first technology that allows useful tasks to be performed in collaboration between parallel universes” – David […]

Object Detection Tutorial in TensorFlow- Real-Time Object Detection

Sayantini Deb on Aug 20, 2018 Creating accurate Machine Learning Models which are capable of identifying and localizing multiple objects in a single image remained a core challenge in computer vision. But, with recent advancements in Deep Learning, Object Detection applications are easier to develop than ever before. TensorFlow’s Object Detection API is an open source framework built on […]

Engineers develop room temperature, two-dimensional platform for quantum technology

February 11, 2019, University of Pennsylvania Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Science have now demonstrated a new hardware platform based on isolated electron spins in a two-dimensional material. The electrons are trapped by defects in …more Quantum computers promise to be a revolutionary technology because their elementary building blocks, qubits, […]

Finnish researchers approach quantum computing speed limit

Feb. 11, 2019 by Tim Hinchliffe Like trying to quickly scale a ladder with a glass of water in your hand without spilling a drop is how researchers at Finland’s Aalto University describe their latest research into approaching the quantum computing speed limit with accuracy. The ability to track and control quantum processors in real […]

IBM launches commercial quantum computing — we’re not ready for what comes next

By CARLOS PEREZ-DELGADO on FEB 08, 2019 IBM recently unveiled what it claimed was the world’s first commercial quantum computer. While the announcement of the Q System One wasn’t scientifically groundbreaking, the fact that IBM sees this as a commercial product that organizations (if not individuals) will want to use is an important breakthrough. IBM has taken […]

A new ‘Einstein’ equation suggests wormholes hold key to quantum gravity

BY TOM SIEGFRIED, AUGUST 17, 2016 ER=EPR summarizes new clues to understanding entanglement and spacetime Wormholes, tunnels through the fabric of spacetime that connect widely separated locations, are predicted by Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Some physicists think that wormholes could connect black holes in space, possibly providing a clue to the mysteries of quantum […]

Scientists Now Believe That The Universe Itself Is Conscious

By Harley Manson June 30, 2017 A new scientific concept has recently come to light, which scientists are calling “panpsychism.” Panpsychism says that the universe could be capable of consciousness, which could change everything. For quite some time, scientists have been working to understand the universe, where it came from, and why we are here. […]

The future of IIoT software in manufacturing

BY STAN SCHNEIDER, PHD JANUARY 11, 2019 A guide to understanding and using data distribution service (DDS), time-sensitive networking (TSN), and OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) for advanced manufacturing applications. Courtesy: Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) The top Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity framework standards are OPC Foundation’s OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) and Object […]

Upgrading your hardware, software systems

BY TRAVIS COX JANUARY 30, 2019 An open, interoperable approach allows companies to get best-in-class solutions for hardware and software upgrades. See 10 reasons to upgrade process controls. Courtesy: Inductive Automation Distributed control systems (DCSs), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software, and process controls are vital manufacturing systems. Keeping these systems up-to-date is very […]

How to select a process control system

BY LYNN NJAA JANUARY 31, 2019 Selecting a process control system (PCS) involves experienced personnel and understanding critical elements for operations. Courtesy: Maverick Technologies The process control system (PCS) ties all the automation elements of a process manufacturing unit together and affects every aspect of operations. As the brain and central nervous system of a […]

IHS Markit: AI and machine learning hold promise for digital transformations

by Mike Robuck | Feb 4, 2019 IHS Markit’s Michael Howard identifies four key trends for enterprises’ digital transformations. (Pixabay) Service providers have only recently started helping to enable the digital transformations of their enterprise customers, but AI and ML hold the most immediate promise for those transformations. Research by IHS Markit’s Michael Howard, senior […]

Understanding the Elements of Artificial Intelligence

from 01 Feb 2019 Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. The development of AI is speeding up on a daily basis. Only recently, Google’s DeepMind created the AI AlphaStar that secured a decisive victory against two grandmaster players of the game of StarCraft II. In a series of test matches they played, the algorithm won 5-0. This victory is a decisive […]