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If you can work with data in this era, your career is on a lucrative path. The business world is embracing data scientists because of their unparalleled skills. All big organizations around the world are exploiting the power of customer data to enhance their services and revenues and they are on a spree of hiring data scientists who can extract the value of the most puzzling data sets.

Hence, you have a bright future ahead of you if you possess the knowledge of data munging, machine learning, statistics, data visualization & communication along with other basic tools. But, this is only possible if you are clear about the industry you can be a valuable part of. Choosing the right industry is essential for reaping the maximum benefits of this profession.

Success comes to those who have a clear-cut vision of where they want to see themselves in the coming years. So, deciding an apt industry and job role will shape your professional profile and mold your destiny.

In this article, I will brief you on the top industries suitable for data scientists.

1.  Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Building a career in the healthcare sector is a delicate matter. Thus, if you decide to enter it, ensure that you ready to work around data that could be related to people struggling with their lives. So, working in this field is a humanitarian thing to do and it is needless to say you have to cautious while designing your data science strategy to offer the most useful conclusions to data problems.

2.  Telecommunications Sector

Mind Commerce anticipates big data and data science industry to escort the telecom sector to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 50 percent, with the annual revenue reaching to $5.4 Billion by the end of 2019. Data storage costs have gone way down and computer processing power is going skywards due to easily available analytics software. Hence, the job of a data analyst has become a bit easier.

Data collected through customer behaviors, such as voice, video choices, SMS, social media activities, demographic is enabling telecom companies to offer customized services as well as products.

3.  Internet Industry

The internet industry is gaining strength as we speak as a result of the data surge caused by sophisticated technology, big data along with cloud computing. There is an inexplicable amount of data in the hands of data scientists which they are using to design personalized recommendation, undertake sentiment analysis, video analysis, etc. Hence, the internet industry, e-commerce, and social networks are thriving to an unimaginable level with billions and billions of people using the internet, posting pictures and videos on social media and making Google searches every second of the day.

4.  Energy Sector

Data science and big data are exhibiting their transformational powers to reshape the Energy vertical. Data analysts are proving to be highly useful for discovering unconventional energy sources, reducing costs and saving money on exploration and drilling, increasing efficacy, avoiding power outages, enhancing productivity, and so on. The data science industry is also curbing the chances of accidents by offering better repairs.

5.  Automotive Industry

Data science professionals have a huge role to play in the automotive industry. Artificial Intelligencemachine learning, data science are the main technologies enabling this sector to combat its various challenges and refurbish itself. Working in this sector will give you a great chance to widen the range of your skills by creating products with optimization and automatic learning.

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