I am 1 person,
out of 8 billion people on 1 planet (The Earth),
out of 8 planets, orbiting 1 star (The Sun),
out of 300 billion stars in 1 galaxy (The Milky),
out of several trillion galaxies in 1 universe (our universe),
out of infinite universes.

More details:

Me, full name – Long Dinh Nguyen, was born in Vietnam.

  • I am a researcher on Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering. I am studying and researching in Vietnam and UK.
  • I was a Research Fellow at Queen’s University Belfast, UK (project 2018-2019).

My research interests include:

  • matrix analysis, tensor calculus analysis
  • convex/nonconvex optimization application for resource management in wireless networks,
  • real-time embedded optimization for wireless communication systems (WCS) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT),
  • artificial intelligence – machine learning, big-data analytics
  • quantum mechanics, quantum theory, quantum computing
  • aerospace engineering, cosmology, discovering the universe