GPU news: Time for another go at waferscale computer

FEBRUARY 4, 2019 by Nancy Cohen , Tech Xplore Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of California, Los Angeles, are behind the recent development for a wafer-scale computer that aims to be faster, more energy efficient, than contemporary counterparts. Engineers aim to use something called “silicon interconnect fabric” to build […]

Scaling up search for analogies could be key to innovation

FEBRUARY 4, 2019 by Carnegie Mellon University Investment in research is at an all-time high, yet the rate of scientific breakthroughs isn’t setting any records. To resolve this quandary, scientists are turning to artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing for help in identifying a key inspiration for innovation—the perfect analogy. Wilbur Wright, for instance, famously got his […]

The quantum internet comes closer

31 Jan 2019 by Belle Dumé The goal of a worldwide “quantum internet” could be one step closer thanks to new experiments by researchers in Japan and Canada who have made the first ever quantum repeaters that work using an all-photonic protocol. The scheme importantly allows for the time-reversed adaptive Bell measurement, which is a […]

Intro to Blockchain: How Protocols Work

by Roy Walker on Nov 1, 2018 This post kicks off part two of my three part series on blockchain technology. In the first part of the series I discussed the historical context of the blockchain, providing a history of both the modern internet and blockchain networks. This second part of the series will focus on how the technology works, […]

10 Ways Blockchain Is Revolutionizing Smart Cities

by Sergio on Jun 30, 2018 Blockchain technology is boosting the bottom line of private and public sector It’s touted as the “secret sauce” that will transform smart cities of the future, establishing trust and transparency in government through an immutable digital record — one that’s able to connect sky’s-the-limit endpoints while being virtually hack proof. Blockchain technology […]

A new model introduces the concept of adaptive virtual organisms (VOs)

JANUARY 31, 2019 by Ingrid Fadelli , Tech Xplore Researchers at the University of Bucharest have recently developed a compositional model for complex hardware-software binding. Their model, outlined in a paper pre-published on arXiv, introduces the notion of a “virtual organism” (VO) that resides somewhere between slightly reconfigurable hardware agents and abstract, intelligent and adaptive […]

Autonomous visual inspection of large-scale infrastructures using micro aerial vehicles (MAVs)

JANUARY 30, 2019by Ingrid Fadelli , Tech Xplore A team of researchers at Luleå University of Technology, in Sweden, has developed a new framework for performing visual inspections of large 3-D infrastructures using fully autonomous micro aerial vehicles (MAVs). In their paper, pre-published on arXiv, they introduce an aerial inspection system with high levels of autonomy, […]

Optimizing solar farms with smart drones

JANUARY 30, 2019by Zach Winn, Massachusetts Institute of Technology As the solar industry has grown, so have some of its inefficiencies. Smart entrepreneurs see those inefficiencies as business opportunities and try to create solutions around them. Such is the nature of a maturing industry. One of the biggest complications emerging from the industry‘s breakneck growth is […]

The State of Artificial Intelligence in China

From January 26, 2019 There is a really interesting concept in psychology called the Johari Window and it suggests that we rarely see ourselves as we actually are. Not only that, but we think other people see us differently than they do. Maybe you’re not as charming as you think you are. Maybe that laughter after you […]

Blockchain Consensus Algorithm: PoW, PoS and Beyond

By Justin Chan on Nov 12, 2017 One of the most critical aspects to understand blockchain — its speed, applications, and potentials is consensus algorithms. It determines everything from network security, confirmation speed, to environmental friendliness. As crucial as it is, few comprehend how such a dynamic concept works in practice; and among the most misunderstood aspects […]

What Is Zero-Knowledge Proof And Why You Should Care

by Harry Alford on Sep 16, 2018 Zero-knowledge proofs or zero-knowledge protocols (ZKP) were first introduced in the mid-80s by a group of MIT researchers in their paper, “The Knowledge Complexity Of Interactive Proof Systems.” They essentially defined ZKP as a method by which one party can interact with another party and provide proof of […]

Hot topics in Control Engineering for 2018

By MARK T. HOSKE on JANUARY 14, 2019 Think Again: Engineering salaries and career tips, neural network advances, ladder logic, cybersecurity, and autotuning were among top articles posted on the Control Engineering website in 2018. Figure 5: Top job satisfaction factors are technical challenge and feeling of accomplishment, followed by financial compensation and relationship with […]

Cloud-based software solutions for industrial applications

By CHAD MCGRAW on SEPTEMBER 3, 2018 Cover Story: Choosing cloud-based software or a combined approach with an on-site strategy may result in cost savings, improved operational efficiencies, and enhanced security. Figure 1: Automation and control systems must be more flexible and agile. Honeywell Process Solutions Experion Elevate is an on-process production system for remote […]