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The costs of decarbonization

10 Apr 2019 by Dave Elliott The OECD’s Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) has produced an updated study of System Costs with High Shares of Nuclear and Renewables. Perhaps unsurprisingly, its new reportconcludes that nuclear wins hands down over variable renewable energy (VRE). The agency says that “a mix relying primarily on nuclear energy is the most cost-effective…
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The ethics of emerging technologies

APRIL 10, 2019 by Jessica Hallman, Pennsylvania State University In today’s digital age, artificial intelligence and big data are helping people navigate the world in new ways. While many researchers are using these new tools to innovate and advance different disciplines, a few, like Fred Fonseca, are approaching these advancements from a different perspective. “There’s…
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Renewables are a better investment than carbon capture for tackling climate change

APRIL 8, 2019 by Lancaster University Solar panels and wind turbines coupled with energy storage offer a better hope for tackling climate change than trying to capture carbon from fossil fuel power stations, according to new research published by Nature Energy. Carbon capture technologies—that is new, or as yet undeveloped, technologies that capture CO2 emissions from…
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