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Research Report – Speed is King: How Digital Manufacturing Can Accelerate Lean Production

Entrepreneurs, project managers and engineers know the importance of time-to-market for a successful product launch. No matter where a manufactured part or product is headed, it’s critical to maximize the speed and efficiency of its production.  Lean manufacturing is synonymous with this goal. But beyond kaizen, kanban and a whole glossary of other Japanese terms,…
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7 Innovative Uses of Clustering Algorithms in the Real World

on 04 April Clustering algorithms are a powerful technique for machine learning on unsupervised data. The most common algorithms in machine learning are hierarchical clustering and K-Means clustering. These two algorithms are incredibly powerful when applied to different machine learning problems. Both k-means and hierarchical clustering have been applied to different scenarios to help gain new insights into the problem. Before…
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A novel data-compression technique for faster computer programs

APRIL 16, 2019 by Rob Matheson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology A novel technique developed by MIT researchers rethinks hardware data compression to free up more memory used by computers and mobile devices, allowing them to run faster and perform more tasks simultaneously. Data compression leverages redundant data to free up storage capacity, boost computing speeds, and provide…
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Transfer Learning

Niklas Donges on Apr 23, 2018 Transfer Learning is the reuse of a pre-trained model on a new problem. It is currently very popular in the field of Deep Learning because it enables you to train Deep Neural Networks with comparatively little data. This is very useful since most real-world problems typically do not have…
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Seven rules for nanotech innovation

12 Apr 2019This article first appeared in the 2019 Physics World Focus on Nanotechnology & Nanomaterials Back in 2000, the field of nanotechnology was just starting to shift from something that involved tiny robots and molecular gearwheels to real, tangible science with potential applications. In October that year, I organized the first Trends in Nanotechnology…
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