October 18, 2018

Panasonic’s New Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy RF Module Based On The Toshiba TC35680 Single-Chip Controller

Introducing Panasonic’s new PAN1762 Series RF Module, the PAN1762 Series is Panasonic’s Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy RF Module based on the Toshiba TC35680 single-chip controller

The new Bluetooth 5.0 features with the PAN1762 Series enable a higher symbol rate of 2 Mbps using the high-speed 2M PHY or a significantly longer range using the LE coded PHY at 500 kb/s or 125 kb/s. The new channel selection algorithm improves the performance in environments which are busy at 2.4 GHz. Furthermore, the new LE advertising extensions allow for much larger amounts of data to be broadcast in connectionless scenarios and are therefore favorable for beacon and mesh applications.

The New PAN1762 Evaluation Kit is an all-inclusive and comprehensive Evaluation Kit consisting of two USB dongles. Each dongle allows design engineers to develop, run and debug code. The break-out headers, provide an easy way to connect Sensors, as well as other devices for a rapid prototyping.

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PAN1762 Series Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy RF Module | Panasonic Industrial Devices

General Features and Benefits
– Surface Mount Type Dimensions: 15.6 mm x 8.7 mm x 1.9 mm
– Host Mode, AT Command Mode or Stand-Alone Operation Mode
– 18 General Purpose IOs2∙SPI, 2∙I²C, UART, PWM, Wake-Up Inputs, General Purpose ADC
– Toshiba TC35680 Featuring ARM® Cortex®-M0 (Selectable 16 MHz or 32 MHz Operation Frequency) with SWD Interface
– 128 kB Flash Memory and 128 kB Internal RAM For Application Code And Data Patches
– Bluetooth Stack In ROM, Flash Memory Available For Application
Collected at: https://na.industrial.panasonic.com/whats-new/pan1762-series-bluetooth-low-energy-rf-module?utm_campaign=third-party-advertising&utm_source=design-world&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_content=pan1762&utm_term=march-19

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